Hey Microsoft... It sure would be nice if you could like... just not set off severity 10 alarms when you decide to run an Office Update by using defense evasion tactics.


They really want you to get this office update. Like really really fucking bad.

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@thegibson are you sure it isn't a virus? i mean, it is from MS after all..

@thegibson when linux becomes better because everything else gets worse.

the lost concept of "i will zypper dup when i damn well feel like it"

@thegibson I'm having visions of beleaguered families sending their children into the basements for safety as they continue to board up the Windows and PowerPoint bangs relentlessly on the front door.

Somewhere upstairs, there's the sound of glass breaking. It's already too late.

Excel has found its way inside. Word will not be far behind.

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