This is self important reactionary trash. Don't let the social justice language fool you for a second.

The real reason people post this is because right now, tech is the hot new jobs, people with liberal arts degrees are mad they aren't as important, or that tech people have sway and influence they didn't pay some hipster for.

His sentance is half right, but misses a REALLY important detail. Engineering and tech are in fact part of the larger society, and will reflect its biases.

What he misses is that holds true for liberal arts and soft sciences.

Think about it this way. If you have raw numbers and stats about actual people, who generated those? Computer Science? Or was that sociology, which is literally their job to do that? Perhaps the bias exists there too.

No, can't be. The notion that the humanities are either free from, or have less bias towards INSTITUTIONALIZED anything is self defeating on the entire grounds these are all institutions of the same system.

If engineers really want to be Free of this, they need to look beyond institutional learning. None of them have their hands clean either.

Predictably, you'll see many of these people generating outrage over tech to sell their services as consultants. Usually, when it comes to the actual problems, they've far lost the plot enough you can't trust them to take up actual issues in tech.

@GI_Jack At times it concerns me, this AI. Yes math and numbers blah blah blah... Oh I could go on about AI, and the stories generated amongst non-techie friends abou how we will defeat it. Engineers not having an understanding about certain aspects of life may be the flaw necessary to keep the AI at bay. But that is dangerous knowledge that I have sworn to protect with my life. 👀🙃


AI is mostly a buzzword. Most of what people fear in AI isn't actually AI, its pop culture's understanding of AI.

So everyone is expecting "I Can't do that Dave", or the utter reactionary fear that creating a sentient AI that will just overthrow us is really a projection of our fears the actual workers who the bourgeoisie depend on will overthrow them.

In the movies they are almost always thwarted by one of the man petite bourgeoisie has now as an enforcer class. Cops, military, using stupid brute force or clever farm hand shit.

Most of the fears the existing petite bourgeoisie has is the system failing and having to be equal with people they consider beneath them, or

being replaced, with the new enforcers treating them like they treated others.

AI doesn't actually work that way. You can point that out, but they don't care. What they care about is losing their privilege.

@GI_Jack @KungFuChickenNoodle A lot of AI is metric fucktons of case statements and if..then..else chains. There is much less magick (and much more marketing) there than a lot of folks seem to think.

@drwho @GI_Jack Then what’s all the hoopla about “The Singularity”? AGI advances itself and machinery recursively, turning into Artificial super intelligence that then causes an “intelligence explosion” and onto the singularity.


@KungFuChickenNoodle @drwho @GI_Jack

Absolutely no one:
Kurzweil: I am computer Jesus, money please!

@thegibson @KungFuChickenNoodle @GI_Jack In person he seems like a pretty nice guy. But professionally... yeah. That's pretty dead on.

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