everybody spending their budgets like it's the last budget they'll ever spend.

@thegibson amazon is supposedly sitting on 50bn in actual cash but at best managed to piss out 500mn to help their employees (not the temps making up the actual workforce)

@purple @thegibson well we have rioters going around trying to burn shit down, a mandated global recession and talks of bringing in some globalist cryptoshit. I'd say its a pretty good time to be guarding your treasure hoard :blobcatterrified:

@icedquinn @thegibson i wouldn't sell Bezos a grain of wheat for his entire fortune.

@purple @thegibson eh.. it makes more sense when you study the business side.

treating the employees horribly, fuck that. i'm just going to explain the treasure hoard bit because even ethical people gotta do it:

basically most people are used to living on stipends/fixed wages. you get paid your 12$/hr even if business is bad that day. but businesses don't get paid like this; unless its a SaaS service or insurance company who sits on fee agreements.

as a contractor or most businesses, you pretty much get paid "whenever" but your expenses burn down regardless. it is a constant balancing act between giving someone a small raise or replacing that server blade thats old and everyone hates. and there's never a guarantee that say, for no partcular reason half of your contracts are now cancelled because of a civil war and you have to either die or build a new supply chain.

Kiyasaki used to make a little card game he called "opportunity" he made people play and they kept complaining about how they always got a card to make money after they didn't have the other card they needed to actually use it. And he just shrugged.

you also see this among people who play cultist simulator, because that game simulates a lot of the same survival issues of real life.

you basically have to reserve a large action pool that seems bigger than you might need, because you don't control when your car gets suddenly destroyed and you now need to tap 30k$ you weren't expecting.

virtue signal time: i actually buy most of my stuff from ebay or costco anymore :blobcatgoogly: they actually gave their workers hazard pay and a list of options of if they needed to stay home, or take shorter shifts or work the regular schedule :blobcatsmile:
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