It's 2020 and we're still dealing with IPv4 and NAT issues.


@djsumdog well, yeah.

I mean IPv6 is superior in every way except nobody likes it.

@thegibson i just learned about IPv6 in my intro to comp sci class and i dont see what the discourse is because it really is a hellava lot better and secure like whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

@joshua and yet everyone hates it. because no one has managed to lead the training piece of it to garner adoption.

@thegibson its so simple....yet i got the concept in my intro class

i wanna shake these folks

@joshua I like IPv4. Because everyone tells me I shouldn’t.

@TheGibson @joshua
Well, Internet by construction is everything on top of IP on top of anything... trying to change that IP in the middle from v4 to v6 is necessarily a PITA...

@wolf480pl @thegibson @joshua Also it relies on ISPs competently implementing it and there are still a number of major ISPs in even developed countries who have barely started.
@jbauer @wolf480pl @joshua @thegibson funilly enough just putting my modem into bridge mode and using a separate router suddenly allowed me to use IPv6.

@onepict @TheGibson @joshua I wore out my shirt giving IPv6 talks - I need to get a new one :-)

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