I swear to all that is unholy. If I see one more asshole wearing their mask under their nose.

I mean wtf? Seriously how is this still an ongoing thing?

@TheGibson when I've seen it in the protests I'm going to assume it just sometimes slips down.

But anyone else? No excuse

@maloki not here in the states. There are a lot of people that are wearing them in this most useless of fashions.

@thegibson My friend asked me for a t-shirt with that mask under nose meme.

@thegibson there's also the geniuses wearing them as a chin strap :houseno:

@thegibson I've had them slip like that, esp ones w/o a bridge wire.

Which leaves you with mask-fiddling vs. under-the-nose.

Mostly I try to avoid being out.

@dredmorbius @thegibson Ok so maybe this is a sewing-side issue -- wtf though; mine don't do that.

@thegibson @feonixrift @dredmorbius one thing I've seen in businesses that supply them to workers (groceries and stuff) is that they don't have the proper size, the elastic becomes wonky after months of re-use because they don't get new ones (or they're not great quality), and they don't have the metal clip nose brace that clamps it into place.

I was talking about this exact thing yesterday and we kind of had those thoughts. That said, I see people ALL THE TIME with below their nose (or on their chin) for no discernible reason. And not like away from other people, but like in the midst of people! Super scary.

@NOCARRIER @thegibson @feonixrift @dredmorbius I've seen this inside stores that have mask checkpoints at the entrances.
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