At least I know it wasn't MY construction work that failed.

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ok, upgrades on lessons learned.

6x6x8 beams
remove brick walls
mount to slab.

go again.

gonna need a wheelbarrow.

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Was trying to really avoid drilling into that aggregate... that stuff is serious business.

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@thegibson dang yah that seems really shallow for a beam like that.

@PFreak only a four foot beam... was trying to use a 50 yr old shitty brick wall to mount a shade sail on... tensioning took the mortar right apart.

@thegibson Ah I see, beam looked longer in the photo. Yah that mortar looks like it gave way very cleanly, like there is none left on the wall!

@PFreak Yeah, I was concerned with doing it this way when I started... shoulda listened to myself.

oh well, wanted an excuse to get rid of those walls anyhow.

@thegibson I somehow doubt structural integrity was a design goal of that wall. No rebar, for one.

@thegibson @c0debabe
i have the idea for a tattoo printer. more on that later. when you're done there.

@thegibson yeah, a lot of the brick stuff I’ve seen treats it as strong in compression, not in tension

@vito Yeah, I knew that going in, and had concerns... but two mitigation made me ok with it.

I didn't like those brick walls much, and I thought the load wouldn't be enough to break them...

Not crying too hard about it.

@socketwench no, it does not... I thought it wouldn't be enough to snap... I was mistaken.

@thegibson It might have been fine if it were rebar reenforced, but that's uncommon for anything not load bearing.

@socketwench yep.

I'm actually good with it... wanted an excuse to demolish those little half walls anyway.

@thegibson Time to get some tube forms and mix up some concrete?

@socketwench Since it'll be going to an 8 foot post, I am going to up it to a 6x6

@thegibson You can take out a crossbow with that if you get close enough.

TheGibson vs the wall. Poor wall. Shouldn't have stood against TheGibson.😃

@thegibson longer beams and anchor into the ground?

I read up about these when someone (you?) posted before.

I really loved the saddle point configuration!

@thegibson also, did you just "casually" have some old foundation and low rise walls in your backyard?

@thegibson wait, how did the grill not get damaged? this was staged!

@dlovell I did... upon destruction it is clear that it was just leftover bricks from construction....

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