@ryen @thegibson You're waiting for parts too? I have everything but the power supply. Four more days. *sigh*

@SetecAstronomy @thegibson Everything came in about an hour after that post... but what I thought was a micro-ATX case was actually a mini-ITX. :/

So gotta order a new case at some point.

@ryen @thegibson Bleh.

My project started as "Mom wants a convertible sitting/standing desk" and took a sharp turn into the technological equivalent of "If you give a mouse a cookie"

@ryen @thegibson Sir. Sir! Please do not stand on the desk. If you're going to eat cookies, I'm going to have to ask you to get down from there.


to drive yuor enbeby before you and to hear da lamentations of dere womens

@TheGibson Hope it's a good feeling

if you need a shoulder, tho, talk to me

@TheGibson wow grandpa, I remember the first time I watched THAT

I was downloading mp3s

@Mainebot Watch it n00b... I've got a yard and I know how to use it.

@thegibson Waiting for my wife to leave the house tonight, so that I can focus on the next steps with the VDC-II core while rocking out to some of *my* music for a change. 😏

@thegibson Played Virtuaverse last night. Going to do some more writing and troubleshoot my acoustic coupler today. And maybe try out a BBS running back home.

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