Microsoft is making things shitty enough that I am considering just moving over to Linux full time... again... for the second time in two weeks.

@thegibson Hey it's not so bad unless you've got some audio stuff going on :p

@Mnemonic I don't hate Linux... run it in plenty of places... Ubuntu, Mint, Parrot, BlackArch...

@thegibson My daily driver except for mah Game/folding box :p But the audio thingie can be a real bother, especially for new peeps.
Like does your music-thingie run on Blackarch ? :P Nah.

@Mnemonic If I do it, I'll probably go wwith Mint... It has been good to me... Parrot as a Daily driver is surprisingly good too.

@thegibson I might be having PTSD from 2000s Ubuntu and audio cards, fully embedded with CDs and Amplifiers-build-into-DVD-stations now, because I have the CDs :p
If HDMI works it works if not you got a weekend to read up on things :p I must say plugging in earphones does work nowadays :ablobcathappypaws:

@thegibson why don't you? I've had to do done development on a Windows machine last week and it was horrible. I'm always curious to about the reasons why people stay on Windows.

@loke I have infrastructure built on it that would be a pain to move over... not impossible, but painful.

and I have spare Windows Server Licenses... so I use them.

@thegibson If you do take the plunge, I would suggest giving PopOS. It is more than just a themed Ubuntu, it seems to have polished lots of the desktop issues.

Also doesn't send info to Amazon. They seem to take privacy seriously, but give you the option to shoot yourself in the foot.

Been running it as my daily driver and my laptop for over a year so far and always go back to it. Gnome gets out of my way enough to let me get work done, but still be flashy enough to use the modern hardware.

Latest version has a "shell" that lets you do tiling in Gnome. Not tried it myself, but it is there when I decide to.

@thegibson It supports Steam, haven't tried GOG, but believe have heard others talk about using it.

It is gamer friendly from my experiences and discussions I have read. Not a gaming focused disto, but a full distro that does gaming well.

They have a mattermost server, so getting support is pretty good along with the documentation. Some devs hang out on there, so you can get real status info about brand new hardware support..

I have only played a little on Steam on my desktop, as I usually game on my PS4. Not had a problem, I am just a console guy.

@technoid_ @thegibson As much as I hate Linux desktop, I'm running Pop_OS on my gaming box right now. They ship an ISO with the Nvidia proprietary driver. That should be enough to tell you how gamer friendly it is.

@ryen @technoid_ Not that I game a lot, honestly... but I want to play CIV sometimes.

@thegibson @technoid_ that's what I just finished playing. There's a slight performance decrease for me at end game, tons of unit time, but you have a beast rig, you should be alright.

@thegibson @ryen @technoid_ Civ 5 & 6 via Steam was stable for me on Ubuntu, Pop, and currently on Arch.

@thegibson amusingly I’m considering moving back to windows full time, because I can’t be bothered dual booting (which I currently am).

Mainly because I can’t be bothered working out how to run multiple game clients under steam proton. And it works fine in windows. I run 5 Perpetuum clients with separate accounts, because why not. 🤷🏻‍♂️

@TheGibson There's something I like to call the LUG circle, please bear with me, this is a little long-winded.

Back in 2004 or so I accidentally founded a LUG. I was the moderator on the Linux section of a very active forum (phpBB!!) with a lot of local users. Many of us were friends IRL and that section kindda ended up "looming" over real life as well.

There were 4 or 5 of us using Linux or BSDs full time back then, and about 20 recent converts who'd just tried Linux and loved it. (1/many)

@TheGibson As you may recall 2004 was a pretty weird age -- things like aRts were just becoming useless as alsa finally got softmixing working reliably, Evolution was pretty good even though Exchange support was aaaaalmost but not quite there etc..

We were all sure that the moment when Linux would be just great was *just* around the corner. One or two more years and we're there. (2/many)

@TheGibson Fast forward to 2014 and nope. alsa works great but welcome to PulseAudio. Evolution is great but if you're on a 1366x768 display yeah lol we don't make UIs for poor people. KDE 4 finally stopped crashing? Here goes Plasma 5 yolo.

So in 2014, out of the 150 people or so who went through our LUG, we had: the 5 or 6 of us who just kept using Linux for some reason. 1 or 2 people who went the suckless way. And 140 who got tired of this constant beta churn. (3/many)

@TheGibson That's been the story pretty much everywhere. I've worked in a pretty large company writing *Linux software* -- BSPs and the like -- and I think there were two of us not running Linux in a Virtualbox machine in a whole (60+ people) department.

I myself would switch in a minute if my brain weren't wired by now.

Don't be fooled by the screenshots, this is 1998 reversed: everything looks great now, but it's pretty awful to use. (4/many)

@TheGibson I mean, it might be okay to use at *some* moment, but if there's a feature you use extensively, or that's particularly interesting, or that took a long while for someone to get right, there's a pretty good chance that it's gonna be gone, or broken, four years from now.

Things are a little better outside the desktop (unsurprisingly, that's why Linux fares better on non-desktop loads), but not by that much. (5/many)

@TheGibson That's why there's a LUG cycle. If you look at any Linux board, on any given day, you see a dozen people swearing that Linux is the best thing since sliced bread. They just found i3wm + st or Plasma or Gnome or whatever and it's SO MUCH BETTER than Windows. One or two minor things but the workarounds are comfortable. (6/many)

@TheGibson Five years later most of them get a Mac or move to Windows because one or two minor things a year are OK, but one or two minor things every time you upgrade, for every single application, isn't something most people want to put up with.

If you look at the pretty screenshots you'd think the Linux UX is the best it's ever been, but it's hardly that way for most folks. (7/many)

@TheGibson I think that also accounts for the increasing adoption rate of things like dwm and i3. Tiling wms and suckless tools were a thing in 2004 as well but not too people used them because they really were pretty awful next to (bloated, but stable and functional) Gnome 1 or 2, KDE 3.2, whatever. That's no longer the case, and they offer some solace from the ever-churning UX wheel.

/rant off


@TheGibson It me. But this has currently led to Windows on the metal and Linux in HyperV, which is a very odd place

@darrenpmeyer yeah, my problem is with the metal unfortunately.

I run server as a workstation, but bought 2 new video cards a few weeks back that were not supported on 2016... ok. Upgrade to 2019.

MS also forced Nvidia to not bundle their management software with drivers any more. So the Nvidia control panel is available on Windows Store... what doesn’t have Modern apps? That’s right Server... which is exactly why I use it... except...

@darrenpmeyer anyway, getting ready to just steamroll Parrot on this thing and run everything else out of VMWare Workstation... because that may do what I want.

Or... Windows 10 **shudder**

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