@thegibson Living in a cloud of bleach fumes from hosing everything down before it could come in the house.

@thegibson Pulling stuff out of the closets for packing and being reminded of my many allergies.

@TheGibson low-performance day, but I did a little schoolwork and picked up my rx, and that's somethin' at least

@TheGibson Drinking scotch on a big ice cube molded like the Death Star.


@thegibson been up for about ½ an hour, which isn't too bad in CET. Also considering it's "just" an hour before the alarm would go off. *Toddlers* 🙃

@thegibson i saw a cw that made me do that "sleepy blink, 'w h a t' " thing

@thegibson Feel like I've worked more this past week at home, than the last two weeks I was in the office.

RVA still hovers somewhere between "deserted" and "pretending things are the same". Downtown and the shopping neighborhoods are shuttered, and the streets are quieter. But people are still chilling in the bars and stores that are open. Go home!

Allergies are also hitting hard. But the roommate and I are getting along great. Lucked out there.

@thegibson Got out twice to do shopping the past 15 days. I've realised that I'm pretty fucking okay being shut in. Wife is tanking some days, but boardgames help. We played the basic box of the Arkham Horror card game, lost 3 scenarios out of 3, got eaten by Lovecraftean horrors. We're playing again tomorrow, but with different investigators. Pictured: my wife's urchin getting ripped to pieces by ghouls.

this is almost over for 2 days (client meltdown) 

@thegibson And while we don't have a garden, we have a south facing balcony. I've ordered plenty soil and containers to give out plants plenty space to grow into. Strawberries, a calamondin tree, ruccola, salad, parsley and coriander we planted from seed last year. I have tomatoes, kale, some round carrots coming up in the seedling tray, with an ungodly amount of chili pepper plants that I don't know where to put. I'll probably just put them in front of the house when they are big enough, with a sign and a short pay-link or QR code so that people can pay what they want.

Also, we meditate twice a day. I'm pretty fucking zen. Got a job offer lining up too, apparently, which came out of nowhere.

@thegibson Had a first video meeting this morning… through Hangouts, link shared via Whatsapp, which I obvioulsy don’t have, so that was a great start. My integrated microphone does not like my fan noise apparently, so had to shut it down for other people’s ear’s sake. So every one was talking, and I had to keep up with text messages. Text messages that the manager had no idea where to look at to read, so that was fun. Bless my past IRC days for my quick typing abilities thoug.

Now a pretty good news, I think I finally managed to join the hackers.town effort in the Rosetta@home project too!

Now, back to work. because I am already late on my afternoon schedule.

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