@thegibson where's that data hosted? I was considering doing a site type thing similar to what I did back in the day ... well 20 years ago ... and see how much easier it is now than then...

but, well, I will wait until after this ... annoy-o-thing I mentioned a bit ago is done.

@thegibson interesting. For some reason it does not load directly here, so using the proxy/anonymizer at startpage.com - and we've moved up to 2334 since you took that screenshot.

Meaning: we pwn3d the n00bs already, they are several ranks below.

These are more interesting stats yes (:

@thegibson Our rise in the ranks has slowed though! What will it take to push us into the sub 2,000s?

@thegibson I'll be back up the mountain this weekend. So I'll get the game rig online. It's got a GPU, but is pretty ancient.

Is there an android app? Could I get all the old crappy phones out of my desk and run it on all of them?

@lordbowlich to break the top 100 at this rate, which I think we'll hit a wall around top 200... It will take about 100 days.

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