I am so platform agnostic as to find the sidetaking on things a little silly.

Linux is good
Windows is good
OSX is good
Mainframes are good

I mean right tool for the right job.

@TheGibson Agreed.

Unless it's TempleOS, which is superior to all of those mentioned. ⚔️ ⚖️ 😁

@thegibson libre software is useful, proprietary software is an interesting prototype at best

@thegibson I like how you only mention is and Android, but you don't actually say they're good.

A bridge too far.

@thegibson To me OS's are good to the extent they support running good software.

*BSD is good.
Linux is very bad; almost everything it does is done much better by anyone else, except maybe Raspbian.
Windows itself is unspeakably bad, but supports Office and videogames.
OS X & iOS are bad BSDs but have great software despite Apple's efforts.
Android is very bad.
z/OS is fine if you want to run Java & COBOL on systems made by the most morally void people in the industry.

@thegibson Agree to some extend. My major problem with Windows/OSX and to some extend certain Linux Distros is simply, that the OS "thinks" that it knows better what I want to do. Privacy concerns apart, that bugs me the most.

@TheGibson like we old monks from the Scary Devil Monestary used to say: "all hardware sucks, all software sucks, the vendors all tell lies, and the documentation is provably incorrect"

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