Please boost.

Anybody interested in a commission for some art I need for an ONI? You know, Japanese magical ogre demon?

@thegibson Might be able to help with that, but would need to set you an opt-out on the commission, since I'm not sure I can pull it off. Most of my portrait type paintings come out something like this:

Which may not be applicable in the first place.

Would need to know primary color needed, whether you wanted a background, and any other details - ONI type, etc - you were interested in.

@thegibson Hey, @itsnero, making a quick introduction here. This sounds like it's within your wheelhouse.

@orrery @thegibson I do commissions, yeah! Shoot me an email at and we can talk details and rates.

@thegibson i'm down for it :D I've done an amount of demon art and i'd love to branch out a little

@TheGibson hello, I'm interested! You can see my art on my page, I can do semi-realistic style, cell shade, pixels and a lot more

@efi maybe, I need to know a cost.

Planning on using it for tshirts and such... probably be n a website.

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