@thegibson Just looking at that right now. Can you see any downsides?

@erosdiscordia that I don’t have anyone else’s code to test it with.

@erosdiscordia @TheGibson this session app seems to be from the Loki project, which seems to be an Australian nonprofit with a blockchain for every problem and a cryptocurrency of their own.
That doesn't give me warm fuzzy feelings that the project will be well governed or run in a sustainable way.
Australia as I understand it has some anti cryptography laws on the books, which I understood were expected to make it difficult to resist police orders to backdoor security products made there.
I'll take a look at the code, design, and governance a bit later...

@eqe @thegibson I'd be interested in anything else you found out about it. Thanks.

Is Australia more invasive than the US about these things?

@erosdiscordia @TheGibson the us has had a fairly hands off legal (de jure) stance on crypto since the 90s, although there have been plenty of situations where the actions on the ground (de facto) haven't been as friendly. There's a bill being debated right now in congress to try to change that by forcing app makers to give cops backdoors, but it hasn't passed yet and it seems like it might not pass (call your senator!).
Australia passed a law last year or a bit before that has similar effect, but I haven't read about it in detail.
EFF has decent articles about both the us and au laws.

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