They make you feel alone.

It’s how they beat you. has shown us all...

You are not alone.

@TheGibson We are all the new sorcerers. The new wizards. The present-day witchers.

We have the knowledge anyone can obtain, but very few dare.

We are vindicated, persecuted, hunted for the knowledge we hold.

Yet few of those hunting us want us to impart knowledge unto them. They either want to use us or make us stop.

Our knowledge is not hidden, yet it is a discipline so far removed from the ordinary very few want to walk in our shoes.

@thegibson Is there an h.t. #irc channel anywhere?

@alrs xmpp @

not federated, so you'll need to sign up.

@thegibson how do you sign up? I just see a Synapse welcome message.

@alrs Should be able to create an account when you point a client at it. Most use RIOT

@alrs Not yet... it's in the works... I've been a little busy.


Imagination is more important than knowledge, because knowledge is limited.

albert einstein

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