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re LB: image shows that access to the datasets have been removed, citing "the law about personal data release" because "they allow identification of personal information"

in other words, "hey, we finally locked our barn door! ...what do you mean, there were horses in here?"

@thegibson If that's to do with the data scraping, am I to understand that harvard isn't accepting the data because the users were not properly informed?

@Anarkat @TheGibson This is the public download page, and the link to download the data has been removed because it was super illegal to collect in multiple ways

@Anarkat AFAICT, the authors withdrew the data set because it wasn’t properly anonymized and therefore violates GDPR. The permission question appears to remain open.


@darrenpmeyer @Anarkat @thegibson If they want to scrape my public posts for private studies I'm okay w/ that but don't go posting it out in a public data set like cmon

@thegibson on the one hand, nefarious people are obviously doing this and not releasing the results. On the other hand, an uncountable proliferation of private databases is exactly what makes for good cyber movies
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