@mangeurdenuage WTF did I miss last night? Some assholes from @thegibson 's instance are seriously trying to get LA/ GNU Social instances shut down because they don't understand federation. "Hackers" my ass, sounds like nothing but posers.

@dude @mangeurdenuage

I’m already engaged and trying to walk this back from the edge.

@thegibson okay, I'll try to relax. I'm literally shaking right now man @mangeurdenuage
@mewmew I don't want to add fuel to the fire if Gibson's trying to calm it down. @mangeurdenuage @thegibson

@dude @mangeurdenuage @mewmew

There’s a local thread where I am trying to throw water on the fire.

@thegibson that license has been in the footer as long as I can remember though I used Qvitter more than GS classic before here. The network before Mastodon was pretty die hard about Free Software/ Free Culture @mangeurdenuage @mewmew

@dude @mangeurdenuage @mewmew

I get it.

I also get his concern.

I’d rather find a peaceful path than go to war.

@thegibson @dude @moonman @mangeurdenuage @mewmew @lnxw48a1 @lnxw37a2

What admins can do:

1) explain to people that a CC (or any other "open") license" is necessary for federation-based interaction to even work;

2) explain that even when federated the post keeps its orginal license specification under which it was posted;

2) think about changing the license of their own instance to one that excludes 3rd party economical reuse.

Quitterwas the only instance that used a license that prohibted such economical reuse of content by third parties. Which was the main reason I stayed on their instance for so long.

Of course, license change will not apply restrospectively, for posts already sent. But if an instance (or many instances) chooses to change its (their) license towards one excluding 3rd party economical re-use, that might even soothe outraged posters who are fretting about their copyright being infringed.
> It sounds like @drskrzyk tried to go that route first.
@thegibson @simsa03 @mewmew @mangeurdenuage @lnxw48a1 @lnxw37a2 @moonman @dude It wasn't made clear how to reach out, so I do get the issue here.
The way it happened for me is roughly as follows: he wrote to the datacentre about a "copyright violation", of course everyone took it very seriously and what I got on my plate is an ultimatum to resolve this no matter what, or else.
His request can be interpreted as a "remove me", so that's how the person who provides the virtual machine approached this. I removed it the moment I saw it however, as I think that even though it got scary for us, it can be, and therefore should be, resolved through communication.
@xrevan86 I think that's what set me off this morning. It seemed like the DMCA complaint was filed before talking with you. That's a pretty low blow. AFAIK the complaint can only be filed for content they have a legitimate claim to so I would thank killing their stuff should be enough for the DC. It's just stupid it played out the way it did. @mangeurdenuage @moonman @lnxw48a1 @lnxw37a2 @thegibson @drskrzyk

@dude @mangeurdenuage @drskrzyk @lnxw48a1 @xrevan86 @moonman @lnxw37a2

I agree, but there is a silver lining to this. We have identified a key mode for attacking fediverse instances.

We need to note this, and make improvements.

@thegibson it also seems that there's still A lot of work to be done regarding making sure users understand how federation works. @mangeurdenuage @drskrzyk @lnxw48a1 @xrevan86 @moonman @lnxw37a2
We should not have to keep doing this as a community, the responsibility falls on the interfaces and the software we use to onboard users properly. That we keep having to correct the failings of this software speaks poorly to its quality.
@sim @saintfury The GS software had/has a FAQ built in (partly written by @simsa03) ... but other documentation can exist (such as wikis and blog posts), and experienced people can point new people to them. Yet other things could be to rewrite the way we do / display things, so that federation (we're communicating with people from other instances) is visible and forefront. One example is to display full "user @ instance . tld" names as the primary handle (secondary nicks can be displayed in parentheses or angle brackets), but that's just one of many things that can be done to emphasize the differences that people need to understand when they use these networks.
@sim In other words, we often intentionally try to look like the #corpocentric networks and hide the things that make this one different. Then we are caught off-guard when users (especially new users, but sometimes people who have been around for a year or two) show ignorance about the fundamental differences inherent a #federated network. We need to make it clear, from the beginning, that this is NOT really a clone of Twitter or Facebook, but something far different.
@thegibson @dude

re: DMCA complaints as attack modes for fediverse instances.

No, as long as there is a way that the deletion of a post is transmitted to all other instances involved and deleted in these databases as well, no copyright infringement can be postulated (in the sense of: well, it's been taken down here at home but not on other instances to which it has been federated). As long as developers can "guarantee" this to happen, the fediverse stays resilinet.

@mangeurdenuage @drskrzyk @lnxw48a1 @xrevan86 @moonman @lnxw37a2

@xrevan86 @mangeurdenuage @moonman @lnxw48a1 @lnxw37a2 @dude @drskrzyk

I fully agree.

Interestingly, not really a hack of any sort, but this is clearly a long term threat model for All of us.

Some work needs to go into activitypub to handle this scenario.

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