What if the image captions are just there to train the AI?

@thegibson This makes the Accessibility imperative just a little sinister.

@matilde I threat model.

It's what I do.

When you think about it, the assistive tech is there to help people, but could also be helping another context deprived entity.

@thegibson As someone who uses a screen reader sometimes, Does that make me an AI?


Of course it does not... unless you are.

The point is that it could easily be used in such a fashion.

@thegibson Misuse of such a feature is a clever way to train but to me its unethical for the very reason, Unless its opt-in and per-user


I am not arguing that it is a ethically correct position.

Just that it is possible to do.

@TheGibson What if recaptcha is a mechanical Turk for validating Skynet infrastructure targets like bridges and highways and tall buildings?


What if... we are already in the pods experiencing a simulated environment, but recaptchas only exist to help the remaining hunters on the surface to evaluate threats...

like cars.

@gdkar @TheGibson “Reports indicate John Connor is in an abandoned storefront.”

Best guess I have for why the hell recaptcha is so keen on me confirming hundreds of them.

@tek @gdkar

"a storefront"

appropriately obtuse to make an AI megastructure waste a lot of cycles.

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