Damn OTV!

night of the Living Dead... Could never mistake that long opening shot with the Pontiac Catalina...


mmm... Not so sure... it's longer than the LeMans by my eyeball.

@seven One is a four door, right?

That's what threw me off I think.


That's what got me, the two door in the graveyard made it clear.

@thegibson The 4 door is not really a car, kinda like the Miami Vice car is also not really a car, but an altered version of a car?


The Catalina was really similar looking, but 4 door... tricked me for a sec...

I was an F-Body guy, not an A-body(Chevelle and LeMans iirc)... 67 forward really. pre 67 my knowledge drops precipitously.

@thegibson Oh you have stumbled upon the oldest of car person arguments. ;) Zombies even fictional can lead you to disaster... :P

@thegibson Still when it comes to classics... 64 Lincoln Continental is basically what you have to own...

@thegibson One more... It's basically the "Finish him!" Move on cars...


I mean, yeah....

I recently found my first car has been restored and is back on the market for sale...

Looks like they screwed the suspension and exhaust though...


I mean... where do you even find Cragars nowadays?

@pertho @seven

Negative, but it’s required octane booster in a N/A engine, and a steady supply of Mustangs.

@thegibson We will play another movie soon Maybe even tomorrow that highlight the facts of Zombie movies in general...

@seven I take it back, go to that shot that shows the bodyline in the first Zombie Attack... definitely a LeMans.

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