This has to happen... without it, all of this is fruitless.

@thegibson Yes!

[small letters]
But China has a lot more (sneaky, and deadly) shit up it's sleeve to counter it any which way. Look at Iraq/Afghan elections and now imagine a real WORLD POWER pumping in resources into countering them.

@SporkyDorky @thegibson *booting up C&C Generals Zero Hour*
It's going to be a Nuclear Winter!

[But a Tank or Infantry General could do the trick too, especially the infantry general in the 'black lotus' and 'super hacker' sphere: with enough shitposts you can clog, but with 'super' enough shitposts you can explode the tubes, A super weapon China has been building up and some weird twitter threads seem to expose their bots, but then it's not bots but people, they certainly have the (people)power... Oeh, creepy thought: they just replace the citizens of HK... man I can see that happen :_catsad:​ ]

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