Ooo... that’s a DOD IP range in my IDS/IPS reports.


@TheGibson Damn that's some burnt ass toast. You're probably getting somebody in trouble talking about it haha.



Also, I think I know who/what it is, and I am not worried about that one so much.

@TheGibson Who/What do you think it is? I just kind of figured it was just that it was just some DoD thing keeping tabs on the public facing hacker community. The FBI's practically said they do it, I wouldn't be surprised if other departments do too.


I don’t want to comment on it further except that considering some things I am working on that they would want to sanity check my shit.

Didn’t think it would come this quickly... but there we are.

Not an really infiltration attempt... if they were determined, I would be overwhelmed.

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