@TheGibson ... so... i mean, they obviously must know that netcat is a thing already, right? vuln researchers wouldn't be unaware of netcat. So the choice must be deliberate then. They've chosen to name it the same as an existing thing, thus tarnishing its good name.

well screw it! that's it. I'm naming the next vulnerability "Facebook"

@thegibson I might (no, not really) forgive them for not knowing netcat is already a thing, but not for failing to Google their idea for a name.

Yeah that's gonna frustrate anybody looking for information on the bug and that helps nobody

@thegibson yeah vulns are so chic now it's achieved that ultrapop ignorance where everything reported it utter BS to those even 5% in the know

@thegibson I remember seeing this and thought the exact same thing. o_O?!

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