I really hate to ask this... because I hate that I've done it, but I need some mainstream Social media presence for BlackFire...

If anyone wouldn't mind following @blackfiresec on twitter, I'd be very grateful.

Please boost. I could use the help.

@thegibson I will when I get my new Twitter account up...probably later this month.


Thanks Cap'n

exploring a Checkpoint partnership with Arrow right now... I'll let you know where that ends up.

@TheGibson we do a lot of business through Arrow in Europe. Didn't realize they had a presence in the US.


Yeah, they are sole distributor for CB, they also had checkpoint on their line card...

made sense.


yeah, and they have most of the vendors I want.

May still setup an Ingram account.


Social media marketing is a skill best leveraged with a plan and a schedule.

Build a spreadsheet of your posting schedule. Column 1 date, column 2 art asset (if any), column 3 copy. Build as forwards as you feel comfortable. Pick your hashtags. Schedule the posts if you have the software.

@TheGibson from here engage with other brands and posters, but don't over do it. Angle yourself towards comarketing initiatives to drive followers and raise your profile to get you seen.

@TheGibson it's a slow burn, but a steady one. It's more work early on, when you share and reply to things you're only half-engaged with in your industry. InfoSec news stories, mainstream news items with an InfoSec angle, et cetera. I find it boring, but that's the job

@Mainebot @thegibson this is very good advice! I only disagree with the boring bit, but that's because I was lucky so far. :ablobcatmelt:

@ella_kane @TheGibson

Oh yeah, like it's not inherently boring at all I just tend not to dip in there if I can help it. Most of my work is a bit more abstracted, big-picture content and messaging.

@thegibson Apparently Twitter's 2FA text messaging isn't compatible with my VOIP provider. And my backup code in my password safe is invalid.

I'd think my account had been stolen, except that there's no suspicious activity. It's not following any extra people. It's not tweeted anything since I started ignoring it. Apparently I just locked myself out.


Thanks pal, I could use it...

I love the kindness of the fediverse.

@TheGibson Done. I may not have as many followers on Twitter as others, but I have a lot of good people. Hope it helps!


Thank you for the kind words sir!

I try to make good choices. :)

@TheGibson No worries! Based on what you've done lately, I'd say you're a shit-tonne better (that's metric for all you US folks) than half of the Twitter Infosec "rockstars".


impostor syndrome always makes you question it.

but I'm determined to beat that stupid monster back into the shadows.

We gon' do this.

@thegibson will do when I get back from lunch (I only use it on the laptop)! :ablobnwn:


Whole new revision is inbound.

That was a quick and dirty to get a presence up... but it's not terrible...

I need to setup a blog.

@thegibson You're super welcome. Can I ask how the client who wanted you to work on the fashwall ended up, or is that under the Cone of Silence?

@thegibson Fair. I apologize for bringing it up; my prurient interest got the better of me.


Oh, no problem... I just don't want a stray comment to come back to bite me somehow.

@thegibson (As in "totally", not as in "let's put this in a covered bin and never speak of it again".)

@thegibson One thing at a time, my friend. Be gentle with yourself right now, it's been a Week Or Two.


You know what?

I am getting comfortable with it.

I have never known how to set still... and I find that already, I am making more time for the family, and smiling randomly...

I am doing well with the pace.

She is a free woman.

Commander of the operation...majority owner of the company.

> asking for twitter follows on fedi

There's bravery... And there's REAL bravery


This is still where I live.

But sometimes ya gotta get out and push.

I would, but closed my Twitter acct on protest for the Nazis a year ago. Sorry :blobshrug:

In any case, I wish you luck. :blobthumbsup:

(Yeah sorry I can't do anything to help :blobtired: )

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