Haven’t seen a laptop stickers thread in a while Fedizens!

We’re just gonna layer the stickers up on the burner.

@drwho where did you get the :heart_cyber:​ sticker from? o.o

sticker choice: minimalistic

(image: a single sticker stating "thunderstuck" on the lid of a unibody laptop with pixelated corporate logo)


I appreciate minimalism... I just don't seem to do it well. :)

@thegibson None here; my first laptop had a repurposed back-window sticker haphazardly superglued to it. (Borg Institute of Technology) None of my machines since have shown even a hint of personality. I wonder why. :(


{It's an x220 so small canvas}

@TheGibson I am not this cool, I have like three stickers on my laptop and two are work related


Really just some stickers I stuck on a few years ago, 2 artist stickers and Madeline Ava is a musician I really like

@thegibson Additionally, here's the testosterone supplies box (originally bought from Rev. Zombies in New Orleans, haha):

@thegibson Yours looks great. I think I'm going to go all out with the upcoming laptop.

I've always had such a hard time layering stickers, because I want to see all of them! But I love that aesthetic.

@TheGibson it's not a laptop (yet) but it's the only device with stickers on it.

@thegibson the new work laptop does not yet reflect my taste, so here's an older fave.

@maxeddy @thegibson i really love how much of a cultural touchstone Max Headroom has become.

@thegibson kind of bare right now, but I'm seeing some more in this thread I'd get.


I often tell my Carbon Black sales team that in sales meetings I like to pplay the FlavaFlav to their Chuck D.

@TheGibson omg I have that "every tweet feeds the beast" sticker on my laptop too except it's printed on a usps shipping label

@thegibson I live for a thread like this. My current beater laptop has been nicknamed the macbeer pro. I wish I had pictures of my old laptops that had way more stickers

@proto I use their filament almost exclusively.

I have had a few... :)

@thegibson they're one of my go-tos for PLA and probably the best for PETG but I jump around different brands depending on what color I want

@proto they tend to run very consistent for me...

I have other stuff, but they are my go-to.

@thegibson It's just the case, but to be fair, the machine never comes out of the case.

(OK to boost, I guess.)

You're missing Ramones and HuskerDu. DK is lonely. I see you got room for it. 👍

*was* gonna add more stickers but after I got the laser inscription done, I felt less was more.

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