Haven’t seen a laptop stickers thread in a while Fedizens!

We’re just gonna layer the stickers up on the burner.

sticker choice: minimalistic

(image: a single sticker stating "thunderstuck" on the lid of a unibody laptop with pixelated corporate logo)


I appreciate minimalism... I just don't seem to do it well. :)

@thegibson None here; my first laptop had a repurposed back-window sticker haphazardly superglued to it. (Borg Institute of Technology) None of my machines since have shown even a hint of personality. I wonder why. :(

@Mnemonic @thegibson Brutal honesty, because I was taught not to openly show ideas, opinions or affiliations. Or anything that could be interpreted as same. And to preserve resale value by never personalizing; especially not artistically. My first laptop was during one of the brief spans in my life where none of that was externally reinforced.

@feonixrift @thegibson
The first 'objection' I've felt hard: I had a 'Hello kitty'-sticker from chewing gum randomly and stuck it on my first University laptop... I removed it after 1-2 weeks because I couldn't work on my laptop in public transport without getting comments ranging to 'ha cute and and weird' to The darkest associations you can get from a hello kitty sticker... getting that shit in your face is't a thing I can vibe with.
This Welle: Erball sticker is the first I've put since 8-9 years on something like that, though 'in public' my laptop is now mostly in a bag so saying it's a personal thing/taste is better suited for it than 'public expression'.

@Mnemonic @thegibson Given my opinions about freedom of expression, it's hard to accept that I'll never be properly punk.

@feonixrift @thegibson
"punk" (being a litteral 90ies kid) is hard to grasp.

I always was more a metal-head, though American Idiot was my first bought album, and with all the blablabla around my whole life I've come to the definition of a 'good' punk (whether I Agree or not):

- Critique of mainstream social/political/whatever norms that are 'wrong' {I do think we are on the level of the BIG BAD so I just swing it to this}

- Having your own stable as it can

- Caring for your own (that includes all the peeps you enjoy)

IMHO 'properly punk' is being a shithead, but that's maybe because my generation of being, like grunge equals heroin suicide: while properly grunge doesn't include drugs (most people know of my generation that LOVE nirvana don't even drink for example)

So it's a label-problem like I have with /home, I don't store all my 'according to etiquette belonging there' data there..

Am I punk, or am I metal? Nobody cares when they talk to each other, and when they do: 'Ehhh'

@feonixrift @thegibson
Sorry just came to mind:
Labels should express parts of you instead of You expressing labels as you.

But this is a hard to convey in this meme world of now, but I can also see it being hard in the pre-meme world as I've experienced.

@Mnemonic @thegibson It's like, how 'personalize, modify, remake, never settle for provided reality' am I if I'm entirely off the shelf parts without so much as a paint job.

@Mnemonic @thegibson And simultaneously that's where the twist comes in - because my tools are tools, I use them to strike a target, and efficiency in that comes first; which isn't necessarily all that different. But where I really get at envying punk, some hippie (and some heathen) aesthetics is the frank open statement of opinion to the point of daring the world to a fight, and thereby making the world more welcoming for everyone who agrees with them even marginally, since it's clear they're willing to stand up and represent. I respect that so much, and would probably be healthier mentally if I veered closer to it myself.

@TheGibson I am not this cool, I have like three stickers on my laptop and two are work related

@jkl *sitting here embarrassed I put up a pic with only one* ... o..okay :blobembarrassed2:

@Mnemonic i'll post mine after work when i undock it so you won't be alone <3

@Mnemonic i passed out last night after work and forgot. X.X i will make sure it gets up :D


Really just some stickers I stuck on a few years ago, 2 artist stickers and Madeline Ava is a musician I really like

@mquin @thegibson I see... You have some perfect spots in there for some of the stickers at ;)

@thegibson Additionally, here's the testosterone supplies box (originally bought from Rev. Zombies in New Orleans, haha):

@thegibson Yours looks great. I think I'm going to go all out with the upcoming laptop.

I've always had such a hard time layering stickers, because I want to see all of them! But I love that aesthetic.

@oranje @thegibson Here you go:

Or just find them at some conference, they usually bring hundreds of stickers with them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@TheGibson it's not a laptop (yet) but it's the only device with stickers on it.

@thegibson the new work laptop does not yet reflect my taste, so here's an older fave.

@maxeddy @thegibson i really love how much of a cultural touchstone Max Headroom has become.

@thegibson kind of bare right now, but I'm seeing some more in this thread I'd get.


I often tell my Carbon Black sales team that in sales meetings I like to pplay the FlavaFlav to their Chuck D.

@TheGibson omg I have that "every tweet feeds the beast" sticker on my laptop too except it's printed on a usps shipping label

@thegibson I live for a thread like this. My current beater laptop has been nicknamed the macbeer pro. I wish I had pictures of my old laptops that had way more stickers

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