hmmm... an ephermeral instance of running from the DEF CON network while I am there...



I mean... It would get nuked... and the IP isolated network is... safe... ish?

@seven @feonixrift

I know... but if all we are doing is running a VM hosting a mastodon instance...

I mean... it could be fun.

@feonixrift @thegibson oh oh BBS with some doorgames, that would be quite popular.

@seven @thegibson I wish we'd see the old interfaces come back in an AR context as they're just about the scale for modern glasses HUD overlay to handle, and tweeter boards /are/ a thing... Frankly, piss@google for that glass had a camera built in, because it would have been nice without the lockin and the google-borg hate.

@feonixrift @thegibson Especially if you could get fido etc up and running by then. That would be quite the attraction.

@TheGibson I originally looked up hackers.coveredwag.on but apparently .on isn't a TLD because TLDs are bullshit

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