Reminder that once upon a time bands like NIN, KMFDM, and TKK were charting radio top 40 in America. LOA and ministry albums debuted high on the charts.

A small sign that we were beginning to change the culture to become the cyber-occult utopia.

Look at pop music today and cringe in what we allowed to walk away. We had our chance and sold out, projecting our future in the present then on the bands we loved.

“NIN sold out. “ - listen to The Downward spiral... Closer is not a sellout, it got that popular because it was the era crying for the new world.

TKK Sex on wheels... groovy and edgy...

Juke Joint Jezebel says it in the lyrics.

Salvation and revelation, kmfdm brought it.

We failed, we sold out... not them.

@thegibson I think the new context has something to do with it

this world is pretty new to the whole constant global communications thing

I think our whole vector got derailed by the sudden (& seized) opportunity for cultural arbitrage

Expand what we call pop to include rap and it's a lot better.


You’re not wrong, but not my point.

We were on the verge of transforming the world, and we let the world transform us.

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