And then Cura decided to make every model a solid thing, even if it's like, you know, a bowl

@thegibson Is generating garbage and the vendor specifically supports cura

@thegibson v4. You will note the lack of S3D profile for it.

@thegibson Meanwhile, Rostock has a set of Cura profiles specifically for my extruders.


yeah, plenty on the 3.2... i can't find anything on the 4.

have you checked their Facebook group? (I hate myself for asking that question.)

@koenaro @thegibson Less these days than you'd think. I have a facebook account. I am capable of using it. Same as twitter. Both services contribute negatively to my mental health. Of all possible reasons, that's the one that resonates the most with folks.

@sungo @koenaro

Facebook is a dead company walking...

They'll zombie on indefinitely, but no one WANTS to use it.

@thegibson @koenaro My code is in the last production release of the AOL client. I know how this story ends :)

@sungo @koenaro

I know you are in very early on the V4... but someone has to have this by now... and it's likely to be shared in the damn FB group.

@koenaro @sungo

I have a research account over there compartmentalized of course...

I'll see if they have anything over there.

@sungo It's a private group... applied for membership...

@thegibson the MPMD community did the same thing. put everything in a private group and then went out and got cranky when people started copying info into the wiki or reddit. I just don't get it

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