hey everybody... just got a few follow requests over here from a domain called:


not allowing that until someone form there looks like not a bot...

I advise blocking it...but I mean who names their shit that?


@thegibson yeah a domain like that gets zero'd out in the gateway hosts file till they send two reference letters and an ambassador.

Thats like naming your restaurant Sam Monella's

re: #mastoadmin 

@thegibson aimed at someone who's on ""


re: #mastoadmin 

@sina @kemonine

All I'm saying is, if you are going to actually be shady and steal info... why would you name you domain that?

re: #mastoadmin 



Time to fire up some ssh sessions and web clients.

Back shortly


re: #mastoadmin 

@kemonine @sina

I mean name your shit whatever you want... descriptive or not, but if you are trying to harm another, and that is your goal, you don't name your Domain, right?

I mean, this is basic opsec people....


@thegibson @amolith

Yep, you should probably only allow connections from their secure host:

Creative domain, tho.

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