I mean it's surely IOT shit... on the other hand, gives us a testbed for countermeasures.

Measured response is for limited assaults; I respectively suggest countertotality. But yes. Testbed activated. *nasty grin*

@thegibson @rysiek I shall bring my countermeasure Sharpie marker with me to the supermarket to discreetly "adjust the filter" on any camera lenses I see.

If I am caught we will then know if their claims the data is anonymous and not retained are BS...but I already expect they are.

@thegibson @RadicalEdward @msh me too.

But stickers with some really son-of-a-glue which will melt and damage the plastic underneath. So that removing the sticker won't make the camera work.

@thegibson The actual William bloody Gibson wrote, in Pattern Recognition, of Case's nigh-allergy to advertisement, and I have rarely had anything resonate quite so vigorously.

Paper adverts are bad enough, but moving pictures may be enough to have me doing my shopping entirely online.

Though I note that polarized sunglasses can render some screens utterly black. Knowing the specific peril, and with partial occlusion, suddenly Joe Janta seems a sane solution to danger.

@thegibson I know right? It's unbelievable how good of service we'll get, with adverts custom tailored to us.

I truly don't understand why tailored adverts/coupons aren't illegal. Especially based on age/gender/race/whatever. As this soaked in beyond tldr level I... will endeavor to shop at smaller corner stores, or shops explicitly dissociating themselves from this nonsense. Everything else going on with cameras is bad enough. Wtf.

(Just rage-reinstalled an OSM editor because I saw a newly installed camera downtown that encompasses a broad section of public walk and hasn't been marked yet.)

But folks are missing your point. Or we're all too angry to plot effectively. When they fully enable this, it's a dangling litmus paper. It's an active node of _their software_ responding in realtime to _our inputs_, which lets us learn and exploit its behavior. Most cameras take and give nothing back. These (will) respond. Feedback is open sesame.

This quote from that article is either a _very_ bad example or a sad commentary on the _extremely_ low quality of advertising we got in exchange for the surveillance business model. Probably both.

Unless they want to sell razors to the clean shaven sunglasses wearer and sunglasses to the bearded person. 🙄

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