last call, if anyone in the Louisville, KY area needs a PAIR of HP DL380 G5 servers, let me know, or they are going to the street.

Sunday is junk day here... yes they take electronics

@thegibson So how much stock do you own in the local power company?

@thegibson I have a G7 in my garage. My power company must love me.

@jerephil HVAC! Is waaaaayyyy better than the G5...

G6 is where power usage got better.

@thegibson If I remembered the ILO password, I could tell you what the power usage is right now on my Hyper-V host. I don't though, so I can't.


I just use a Z420 workstation now... plenty of power for my hyper V hosting requirements.

@thegibson I have one of those under my desk as my workstation, soon[1] to be replaced with a Z600.

[1] Heh.


If you have a goodwill close by they have a computer store called Goodbytes that sells used electronics.

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