On this week's The_Mainframe!

We form an international cabal of a shadowy neo-hacker state government and weigh in on hefty topics such as.

Pewdiepie's malware

Opportunity presented to/by keeping your kids safe online

Cyberpunk sports leagues

Facebook's incredible rate of bad news days.

Thanks to our very special guests:

@drwho aka: the smart one
@ryen aka: The beast from the east
@GeoffWozniak aka: Dies of flu on air.

@thegibson @drwho @ryen But I'm back, baby!

Had a great time and hope to get to do it again. If so, I'll have a voice and brain processing power. :)

@thegibson @drwho @ryen @GeoffWozniak

Recently read a short story about a transhumanist league kind of thing, forgot what it was maybe an anthology...

@thegibson @drwho @ryen @GeoffWozniak

I like the bit about talking to kids about any tracking on their mobile devices. More communication is always better in any relationship. And I think it makes them more aware of these things, and not accept as status quo.

With these pewdiepie hacks, I gotta wonder if theyre really fans. I say most likely they are, but also entertain the fact that they just want to hack then use that as a reason.

@RadicalEdward @thegibson @ryen @GeoffWozniak That's sort of what I'm leaning toward as a reason. Creatively malicious people tend to look for readily recognizable excuses for what they wanted to do, anyway.

@drwho @Rob_T_Firefly @thegibson @ryen Yeah, thanks! I think we started to gel a bit after a while. Hopefully I'm a little more peppy (read: not horribly sick) if/when we do it again.

@GeoffWozniak @drwho @Rob_T_Firefly @ryen

We'll get better... and somewhere in the middle we started working pretty well...

I'm going to try out a Flatbush accent next time though.

@thegibson @drwho @Rob_T_Firefly @ryen Do I come across as Canadian enough? I'll start accentuating my "oot"s.

@thegibson @drwho @ryen @GeoffWozniak There were actually two Pewdiepie ransomware strains, one of which didn't bother to save the unlock keys. Oops.

The one you mentioned, the author panicked after he released it and ended up putting the source on GitHub. Presumably this means there's now an unlock tool out there.

And of course there was the whole hijacked printer thing....

@thegibson @drwho @ryen @GeoffWozniak Finally had some time to listen. Really enjoyed it, thanks everyone who was involved!

I wish I had things to add but alas I'm shy and boring and will just enjoy listening.

Keep up the great work! 🎧​

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