Pixelfed is too centralized around pixelfed.social.

I will be permanently closing registrations once it reaches 10k users and work on solutions to encourage others to start instances! #pixelfed

@thegibson pixelfed is surprisingly light, .social uses only 13 gb for 33k media (images and video) and that includes the database size!



so a 250 GB SSD would go quite a long way...

@thegibson Yeah, remote media will be proxied by default.

An 8mb image gets optimized down to 230kb on average!

with Mastodon you can clean up remote media so less disk space after some days
If your instance only takes 13gb for 10k users, hmm, maybe I get one up

@dansup so what so you see storage requirement look like?

I would self-host most likely.

@thegibson It really depends on what limits you set.

You can set a max number of users, storage limit per account, max photo size, max album size, and more!

@thegibson I haven't checked the docker file yet, in the near future it will be officially supported.

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