Do you listen to internet radio?

Do you appreciate artists who release works in CC licensing?

Do you like an eclectic mix of music?

@TheGibson That address won't load in Firefox, only Chrome. "Secure Connection Failed". Probably due to https everywhere plugin. crashes all my media players except WinAmp, but the stream times out there.

@Sci Try taking the /listen.pls off the end @thegibson

@K @Sci

probably never going to work over web... gotta point a streaming client at it.

@thegibson @Sci Yeah but "crashes all my media players", so I thought "media players".

@K @thegibson @Sci

Works from the command line for me:


Should work with mplayer and VLC too.

@K The PLS playlist file is what the desktop players load though, or the URL within it. Or rather, that's been my expectation for shoutcast streams.

@Sci @TheGibson can confirm. works in Firefox without Https Everywhere.

@TheGibson for some hsts reason i can't access it since clicking on


It is not webhosted...

it must have a streaming player pointed at it.

@TheGibson and the web ui lets you download a fancy .pls for your player also


I know.. and I can make excuses, but the truth is... haven't had a lot of time to work on it...

consider it a beta.


also, I wanted to PAT the port for security... and in using 2600, and well, other standard web ports are already in use, and only one external IP... soooo...

I mean.. there are constraints. :)

@thegibson When do we get jokey advertising spots for Hacker Radio? I can't wait to hear the jingle and hear someone tell me I'm listening to a CyberCast

@thegibson Valid no worries my dude take your time. I mostly jest but also would love to do an ad on the radio

@g0at record something weird but fitting... not too vulgar, and send it in .mp3 format.

@thegibson I added it to Hopefully it doesn't trigger an overload.

@TheGibson I love it - and I definitely needed something to brighten up a really gray afternoon.

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