just gonna leave this here.

Stick that in your audio streamer and smoke it!

@thegibson nmapping to find all the easter eggs

@thegibson It's not a vulnerability, its an access easter egg

@thegibson it's giving me an error. Is everything ON on that side? :blobcatsurprised:

@TheGibson It’s been there since the first time I saw it!

@TheGibson hm i can't seem to connect with mplayer (version 1.3.0 on debian stretch)? do i need to do anything besides just point mplayer at that address?

@TheGibson oh disregard, i was trying to connect on https, it's fine now!


Added to my playlists. Really liking the trance-y stuff going on right now. i'm feeling it, been listening for a little bit already, good stuff

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