So we are beginning to see the fall of Facebook... it's going to be a slow moving disaster, but the foundation is crumbling, and this baby is coming down...

Now we need to address copyright.

When I started playing around with the idea of a radio station last week, I thought CC artists, because I can't afford a licsense... now I am faced with how many high quality artist are in CC licensing frameworks...

hackers.town:2600 is going to stand for the future that was lost.

As in all things we are going to restore the future. In this case, this means supporting only artists that release content in CC as they are taking risks and have skin in the game of bringing about the future we were once promised... with their art and their work.

You have my respect and dedication.

@thegibson serious question here.. how do you envision these artists supporting themselves?

@thegibson because a lot of people think that artists should just give away their work for free. I mean for a programmer you can release some free stuff on github and it helps you get a job where people pay you to write code. Doesn't work that way for musicians. Being able to give away your labor for free is a privilege.

@intherain I don't believe that in the slightest.

I just don't have an answer yet.

If we were doing this commercially, I would offer up payment... but there is no revenue, and I am just trying to signal boost anybody who wants it.

@intherain @thegibson this. It's the same with programmers in the sense that if it's something you can show it makes you more popular but doesn't pay directly. If you can have big part of you life devoted to releasing stuff for free, that's wonderful and how it should be but you're privileged.

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