Follow radio still looking for synthwave/punk/industrial/worldbeat music that is Creative Commons licensed...

inquire within.


and yes, I am very familiar with Mr Reznor's work... been in his pocket since PHM... amazing artist.

@vantablack NIN currently makes up about 10% of our catalog. ;)

@TheGibson If you haven't already, check out Jeff Rosenstock! His album from last year in particular is brilliant.

@TheGibson Also, it's not in the categories you listed, but if you're interested in noise rock/sludge, Bull of Heaven has a some excellent public-domain recordings (although be warned the vast majority of them are bullshit)

However, I recommend 056, 123, 288, 301, and Quos Amor Verus Tenuit Tenebit

@thegibson I have a few things to add but I need to get them into a state where they're easy to download. It'll take me a little bit.

@drwho best effort my friend... no pressure, but will add whatever you bring.

Got to represent culture in this... and you have been part of that since before you were over here.

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