@thegibson I am curious not only about the antenna, but also which keyboard you're using.


2.4 YAGi, with Alfa 36NH adapter. For when you need to reach out and packet inject someone. I printed and added the pistol grip.

The keyboard it a koolertron split... because I'm too cheap for an ergodox.

@thegibson When you need to inject a packet and look good doing it. (Jason mask not included.)

@TheGibson But I'd love me a parabolic antenna, to get a closer look at the connections my ISP is getting (I'm an over-the-air kinda guy)

@thegibson Is that a patent drawing of a Les Paul on your wall?


buy this stuff:

Print one of these:


lash it all together with screws and wireties.

connect it to a Kali distro, and enjoy hacking approximately all the Wi-Fis.

That reminds me... Do you know if there's a similar gadget I can use to amplify my cellphone reception? It's awful at the job :blobugh:

I've seen "antenna amplifiers" advertised online, but everything makes me suspect they're just scams.

@rick_777 antenna amplifiers are bullshit.

You'd have to bring the signal to you... cellphone generally don't have a replaceable antenna....


Depends on the connectors inside, and the radio's power capabilities.

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2.4 ghz yagi wifi antenna hooked to an alfa adapter capable of packet injection.


Basically, spoof networks in a wide area to pentest and harvest crednetials.

@TheGibson how is the gain on the antenna? I once bought the same one on eBay and apparently when you do the math the antenna isn't optimal for the frequency of 2.4GHz..

@lx It is definitely getting me a bit of gain... I momentarily had a little over 1km distance... which is WAY better than the default antennas...

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