ok, got some bugs to work out... but working...

going to need some help growing the catalog.

so here's my thoughts.

we setup a share somewhere, and all contribute .MP3s

I will only use CC music...

needs to be industrial or somehow fitting in that vein...

@CharredStencil @TheGibson @sungo also curious. Happy to try to make some CC industrial for the cause

@TheGibson I have the Club Metal show that features industrial and harder electronic music.

@thegibson My concern about the share is that some of these fine people might forget the "CC only we're hackers not content lawyers" policy and drop random cool music they found some place in there.

@thegibson So maybe an account that folks can DM suggestions to? With provenance? :) We do also need a now-playing bot/script. I might have time to whip one up.

@thegibson I found the required docs. It's a bit fiddly but I can probably bang it out this weekend

@sungo @thegibson A Windows box, VLC to stream, AutoIT to capture the window title, and one of those CLI Masto clients.

Evening project. Well, after Windows Update finishes anyway...

@sungo @thegibson You software people. Always wanting to do things "the right way."

@SetecAstronomy @thegibson Current server config means it'll read 16K + metadata however often it gets cron'd for. Nice and lightweight. I'll probably pipe it into madonctl to toot.

@SetecAstronomy @thegibson Cuz then you can use the app to dump now-playing to lots of things. Just have to find time to write it. :) Silly meatspace people and their meatspace needs

@SetecAstronomy @thegibson Yes but that doesn’t get cabinets built and other house fun

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