ok townies...

point your music programs to and let's beta test this shit.

There's only 8 songs in there right now... gonna need to fill out the playlists.

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@remotenemesis @thegibson I'm sure after 8 songs we'll all be able to identify ambient music that fell into a car shredder.

@drwho @thegibson The buffering though.... Are you sure you didn't use a Real Player codec by mistake? So much buffering...


try again... I think it was the music... I just removed some tracks... they were... not good.

@thegibson I think you're right, it cleared up when the track changed. Didn't even need to reconnect.

@LexPendragon @SetecAstronomy @drwho

I always wanted to... now I have!

need to collect some more music though...

@TheGibson oh man, I almost miss screwing around with icecast

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