ok townies...

point your music programs to and let's beta test this shit.

There's only 8 songs in there right now... gonna need to fill out the playlists.

@remotenemesis @thegibson I'm sure after 8 songs we'll all be able to identify ambient music that fell into a car shredder.

@drwho @thegibson The buffering though.... Are you sure you didn't use a Real Player codec by mistake? So much buffering...


try again... I think it was the music... I just removed some tracks... they were... not good.

@thegibson I think you're right, it cleared up when the track changed. Didn't even need to reconnect.

@LexPendragon @SetecAstronomy @drwho

I always wanted to... now I have!

need to collect some more music though...

@thegibson I'll have to poke at it later but mpv definitely doesn't like the stream. soma uses icecast as well, from the looks of things, and mpv plays theirs just fine.

@TheGibson oh man, I almost miss screwing around with icecast

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