@thegibson @dildog do you, by any chance, know any reverse engineers or reverse engineering circles?

@mysecretalt @dildog

I can fumble through sometimes, but not an expert.

I am better in some areas than others.

@mysecretalt @dildog

Mainly when it comes to authentication schemes and code written specifically to handle authentication against a directory service.

Programs written to manage filesystems.

That sort of thing.

@mysecretalt @thegibson

there's a whole conference for reverse engineering on montreal every year:

(their site has a busted ssl certificate right now and i just ragged on hugo fortier they guy who runs the event to fix it, he'll fix the site tomorrow he said :P)

@mysecretalt @thegibson

sometimes when i search for that site tho i get recon.com which is a VERY DIFFERENT THING.

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