And a chilly "Happy Monday" to you as well!

I wonder where the coldest place in the a Fediverse is today?

@Supernova @viciousviscosity

Suddenly, I've got it good.

still cold enough that one of the car doors won't shut. :blobdevil:

How does the temperature prevent the car door from closing?

@viciousviscosity @Supernova

Well, it starts with a snow event, and a following day that is fairly warm... like yesterday. when melting water creates moisture in the latch mechanism right before another freezing cold night.

Than your care-free sister-in-law(could've just as easily been anyone, but in this case) needs to move the car and does so with the door open, exposing the moisture to very cold conditions for a minute or so.

the lubricants then get very sticky in the door latch, and TADA!

no worky.


a judicious application of heat and WD-40 has fixed the issue!

The only downside is it's conductive. I found that out only AFTER trying to fix a stuck pickup selector on a guitar.

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