Netizens, there is an RMS joke in into the spiderverse.

Starting to think we have writers amongst us.

Literally while stealing a computer, the villain yells at them "IT'S PROPRIETARY!"

@thegibson I still have to see that, btw. SO loves his spidey and I'm starting to warm up to him as well.

@thegibson I've got some friends who are *very* into spiderverse, I might actually have to check it out now


It was very good...I didn't expect what I got.


The Stan Lee cameo choked me up... mainly because it closely related in a sly way to something I wrote on the day of his passing.


Whilst two heroes are trying to steal a computer with information they require to thwart the villain's plans, said villain is chasing them and whilst chasing them yells, "It's Proprietary!"

the timing indicated a slick little in-joke.

@TheGibson ah! I remember that. And the computer was like the old cheese grater mac pros, only painted black.

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