this huawei CFO business looks like mafia shit, and it's going to put people in danger.

@thegibson It's already kicked the trade war being dialed back a couple of notches square in the junk.


yeah... this administration is destined for the dustbin of history.

@thegibson @drwho

"Yeah, I've got a delivery for the archives."

"What is it?"

"Uh. Manifest says, 'One raging dumpster fire.' Sign here."

@thegibson I'm freakin' out a little. Everyone who calls this continent home should be.

@thegibson being obviously economically-motivated, this doesn't even have anything properly to do with the old objectives of the WoT per se, other than the pretense. Not even the eroding of rights & freedoms angle. That's what bothers me the most.

Wouldn't be the first time "anti-terror" measures have been used this way (eg. corp. espionage via Echelon), but it's *so* brazen. And not just that... to perpetrate an abduction.

Altho I wonder if this is a case of the boy who cried "wolf"...

It's no surprise that China has engaged in citizen espionage, and while we have our own demons to worry about, maybe it's not that far fetched to think China has engaged in foreign espionage using their own devices.

So maybe she's being targeted because CURRENTLY the us govt sees China as a potential enemy, but perhaps she's not so innocent after all... only time will tell.


@rook @TheGibson
And the newsflood arrived:

(I also wonder if this event was another diversion tactic by the WH to move public attention away from you know who...)

@rick_777 @thegibson being Canadian, my first worry is they've roped us into this over "maybe she's guilty of something they don't like." To me it's not entirely outside the category of extraditing (say) Canadian citizens for smoking pot. Obviously different stakes, but the same mechanics.

Anyway, they've made their case publicly to the degree mandated by PR, but it's a little too "well, maybe" to risk our political/trade position over it.

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