He made us all heroes.

If we listened.

Malign him not.

Billions wear the cape because of him.

Billions found their strength beyond strength.

Children raise their hand with imaginary powers.

Grown-ups adorn themselves with the shield.

Every time you make a fist, you feel the claws at the back of your hands.

The Helmet, The hammer, The Armor, The Anger, mutant, mutate, alien, or god.

Modern mythologies.

Billions are mighty.

Rest well.


So, here's the thing... I wrote this in reference to Stan lee's passing because of some negativity that I was seeing...

I couldn't abide it.

Tonight,watching the movie with the kids, I was moved to tears twice... his cameo in this film, and a mid-credits quote that really hammered these feelings home.

Many things gave me strength of mind, will, and body... but Stan Lee brought them all together. I learned to stand up against that which is wrong, to aid others, and to take up the fight when it was the only option you had...

This world is at a net positive for Stan Lee having taken the leap of faith to promote and tell those stories, but at a net loss that he is gone.

Often, we don't know who wrote ancient mythologies... but we sure as hell will know who made the modern ones.

@remotenemesis @ella_kane

We really can be.

You just have to stand for something with all you believe in, set an example, and others will learn from it.

We can all be mighty.

@thegibson @ella_kane the song is about young lovers separated by the Berlin wall, but the message is timeless.

We need heroes so can we aspire to be heroes.

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