That's a good question... inflation is currently low in the US. I would guess that a 30% raise is more than adjusting for inflation.

@thegibson @phiofx here's the bigger issue:

"However, Amazon's most notoriously abused and underpaid staff aren't employees: they're third-party contractors who face wage-theft and brutal working conditions.

These workers won't benefit unless Amazon institutes a policy on contractors and subcontractors -- or unless Fight For 15 is successful in winning a national minimum wage. "



They are pushing for a national min wage hike as well in this announcement, and the included seasonal employees, which sounds like they may be including contracted labor... unclear.


Like I said, there are things about it that aren't perfect... but it is a big deal still... and I suspect those things will be cleared up in time.

Bezos may be wealthy beyond belief, but he is also the owner of the Washington Post, which is a liberal bastion... I can't believe this isn't somewhere deep down inside his mind, something that needs to happen.


Those are Doctorow's words....

The CNBC article states "temp employees" which sounds a lot like contractors.

@thegibson @phiofx interesting! Thanks, I'd love to get a clarification on this.

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