So as machine learning and AGI comes down the pike... could Freeware take on a wholly different meaning in time?

@TheGibson Wares that actually free your mind. That's the kind of freeware I'm interested in.


I was thinking more along the lines of software constructs with free will!

But yours seems better.

@TheGibson Your thought is maybe a subset of what I was thinking.

Regardless, I am interested in wares that free us, not enslave us. We've got too many of the former and not enough of the latter.

@TheGibson I think I said that the wrong way round, but you got my meaning. :)

Freeware: because we need more wares that free us, not enslave us.

@TheGibson The reason it is portrayed as a dystopia is the powers that shouldn't be will lose their grip over us in the process.

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