Microsoft's lost that lovin' feelin'.

The Verge: Microsoft to ‘warn’ Windows 10 users not to install Chrome or Firefox.

@thegibson @bob I mean, there are shitloads of folks there who have been there for 20+ years so... yeah both good and bad, although lots of good ones have left and returned... maybe someone on the Windows+Edge team is feeling desperate now that it’s not a core business unit. Desperation makes people do dumb shit.

@TheGibson Didn’t Microsoft already get in trouble years ago for doing similar with IE… or did they ‘forget’


Oh, I thought we exported it to you during the Bush administration.

@TheGibson holy shit, they were already so pushy about Edge

@thegibson yet another reason why ReactOS is important to get working

@TheGibson I knew we shoulda broken them up. Everyone knew it. But we were too fucking cowardly.

@TheGibson Does this mean they finally made a decent version of IE?

More of a statement of impossibility than a question...

@thegibson The leap from here to just refusing to install is pretty narrow.

Why do people run Windows again?

@Shufei in my case I have some work requirements and clients that basically require it... but I can always do it from a utility VM.

@Shufei @thegibson The tentacles reach into businesses by infiltrating schools as early as possible. They almost give away the product to kids and get them used to the MS way

The end result is a fresh generation of adults not knowing anything else. The Internet is slowing this a bit

But on a technical front, the office tools really don’t have much competition. E.G. Excel and LibreOffice Calc can’t even be compared on equal footing

@cypnk @TheGibson @Shufei I would love to know of any spreadsheet application nearly as capable as Excel, gosh.

@Shadejackrabbit @Shufei @thegibson At this point, Excel has had a 2 decade head start in industry. Whole corporations still use it as a backend

Unless something else is 100% compatible and guaranteed to preserve content and formatting, I don’t see it being replaced with something else even if it’s as capable (which I don’t think exists either)

@cypnk @Shadejackrabbit @Shufei @TheGibson I think a lot of Excel's capabilities that are beyond LibreOffice Calc's mostly involve things that should probably be done in a database and not a spreadsheet program, but people do them anyway in Excel. I know we're guilty of plenty of that in our office.

Calc's approach might be actually be better in theory, but in the real world we don't want to re-do our entire process flow and retrain users, so we stick with MS Office despite my best efforts.

@bVork @Shadejackrabbit @Shufei @thegibson Oh totally. Excel folks probably don’t call themselves “programmers” but that’s exactly what they are

They’ve built all kinds of business logic into Excel (with encouragement from MS) and you basically get complicated DB functionality with lookup tables and such

To be fair though, people tend to use the tools they know

@thegibson Well they make advertising money off people using Edge, so of course they want to push people to use it.
They show ads in the "New Tab" pane, and when the browser first starts.

@thegibson Ubuntu is easy to use and has broad hardware compatibility and Steam support these days. Screw Microsoft

@thegibson So desperate!

I don't like the Chrome monopoly as much as they do, but this isn't how you fight it. Maybe changing Edge's logo would've done more to help, but I think it might be too late for that.

@alcinnz @TheGibson lol they were so mad every time I changed default file programs

@alcinnz @TheGibson turns out 3d paint is not ideal for browsing .jpgs sorry windows


Oh come now... #Microsoft wouldn't do that! Especially to #Firefox! Microsoft *loves* open source! Remember?! 😜

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