Five items someone would put in a salt circle to summon me:
- a tankard of mead
- a yellow 3.5" floppy disk
- the engine head from a Datsun L-28
- a coyote pelt
- a meteorite fragment

I also need to credit @Annalee for this idea... a very cool list thread idea!

To be clear... the datsun head must smell of 10-W30, and gasoline, and the meteorite must be iron-octohedrite.


The Langoliers,
Pineapple pizza,
Sff books

@thegibson My list would look something like:

* A computer older than I am, but capable enough to actually be useful (so at least lowercase, reasonable 80 col. text, mass storage, and networking).
* Modern electric interpretations of art deco/ streamline moderne vehicles (example: Morgan EV3)
* Anything with a power split device, the weirder, the better. (Owen Magnetic and Honda Juno are probably the weirdest.)
* Archaic yet effective communications tech.
* A TrackPoint.

@bhtooefr @thegibson me:
* A server from 2009 >
* A bag of potatoes
* The D programming Language by Andrei Alexandrescu
* Iced Tea
* A TrackPoint. (Nipple mice are the best)

@thegibson It can't be an LD28 head that smells of Rotella T6 5W40 and diesel?

(...I've actually seen where someone once swapped an LD28 into a 240Z...)

@bhtooefr There was a popular swap using the diesel crank in the gasoline block... it destroked the engine a little, and made it WAY easier to use both a shaved head and domed pistons...

Never seen a wholesale Diesel swap personally, but it should bolt right up with only fuel system changes... clearly.

knowing the L-28 & LD-28, you'd probably not even have to change the tank or lines out... they'd run forever in total abuse mode.

but the Z car with the L-82....

@thegibson I thought it was the other way around, the diesel crank gave you MORE stroke, so you could get more displacement (there really is no replacement for displacement (except electric motors of course, but MOVING ALONG)).

And from what I understand... the swap basically requires putting an L28 oil pan on, and modifying the oil pickup to draw from the other end of the pan.

@bhtooefr man, it's been 20 years... I think you are right... I may be getting my mods mixed up.

I almost picked up a 1992 300zx last weekend... then realized I wouldn't be happy with a 2+2.

1. Dove dark chocolate with almonds
2. Er... Dove dark chocolate with almonds
3. Oh what’s the use...

- a dreamcast
- a synthesizer
- a umd copy of hackers
- a dragon quest slime figurine
- a yashica electro 35


And then? Would there be an incantation?

What're you going to do with that floppy disk?

Are you a demon, or just some teleportation enabled dude who is sensitive to being summoned?

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