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I should get one of these, put it on Franken-Chromebook, and freak everyone out.

Probably even my husband, too. He doesn't like (get?) Linux.

Hack the planet, or whatever. Indeed.

@remotenemesis @thegibson I think it's more like a scare tactic if you're outside home with it.

Uuuuuh, hackers!

And then maybe a secret handshake kinds thing?

I'd use them!

Well, I bought some.

When I get doxxed, don't come to my house. I'm a recluse. I have an image to uphold.
@remotenemesis @thegibson

@fidgety @remotenemesis @thegibson I don't get out much, but if someone comes here plz bring me sweet goodies from your hometown and I'll open the door and nom nom nom them with ya!