Remember how UI was changed to UX several years ago?

That happened because people understood the meaning and purpose of the initialism UI and could easily use it.

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We'd like to thank you all for the follows, responses and support the last few days... 

Anything I post for the next while will be lost when the server migrates, I hear.

How freeing

The Freak Lunch Box, a candy store in Halifax NS, has a policy that they want everyone who works there to be happy. To that end, they fire anyone who complains about the poor working conditions. The workers have been organizing to collectively demand better conditions.

I wish them luck in their fight

(Unfortunately it seems the only place the IWW article has been posted online is facebook.)

"You can sit at home, doing absolutely nothing, and your name goes through like 17 computers a day"

Opportunity rover on Mars has sent it's last image. Sometime afterward it sent a final message:

"It is dark and my battery is low."

After the planetwide sandstorm of 2018, Opportunity was covered in dust and the windy season didn't clear it off. Now it is winter and Opportunity, unable to move to keep warm, will freeze.

New meaning for biohacking. Encoding a virus in dna to hack into gene sequencers.

If other engineers fucked up as much as software ""engineers"" do millions would die

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Nerding out about typography in science fiction films tonight. Dug up this article about the various fonts used in Blade Runner

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Signing in to free wifi that requires emails with fakes like ''

ah man, I just remembered using centerIM to consolidate my MSN, AIM and Yahoo chats into one. It was even possible to make facebook chat kind of work as I recall. Now those protocols are mostly dead or closed off and/or none of my friends use them.

I think I understand Feynman diagrams now

Interesting fact: it's possible to perform an experiment to determine whether we are living in a mirror universe.

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