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This took way too fucking long to get right but the inkywhat has a stand. It's very front heavy so I need to weigh down the stand.

I only subtoot at the void. Subtooting people is sad making

My subtoot was fucking awesome, thank you very much

Also, I hate acrylic with a damn passion and I wish I'd noticed this was acrylic before I bought it.

Sainsmart IPS display, powered by an RPI 3A+.

Wiring is awful which I'll fix shortly. Their mounting system for the pi is a mess and uses M3 screws when the holes in the pi are M2.5. No instructions and no documentation on the controller which has a lot more ports than what I'm using.

But the damn thing works. Now to clean up the wiring and figure out a kiosk mode ui for it.

You know what i love about all3dp dot com? All their articles have the year in the name. "All you need to know about X in 2019". Yeah, it's a bit clicky-baity but I instantly know if the article matters at all today

Hell, I'd take a remaster of the original games to this generation of consoles.

Whenever I read new game announcements, I have one thought.

I want more Dead Space.

It occured to me that I've never had multiple things on this printer's plate. Let's fix that.

I also have an rpi3 compatible stand to play with. Probably the inkywhat first. I think it'd make a good stand for the hyperpixel too.

Ok. Cloudlet is up to date, including firmware, and monit is watching them. Tomorrow, docker and probably start printing a new physical setup.

The cloudlet is back together (in a less fun location), booting fine (in a less fun way), and currently installing updates via dsh

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Are there any #shortwave ham radio operators on Mastodon? (I have to assume there are, but I've never knowingly encountered one!)

what's fun about US measurements is that, these days, they too are rooted in metric. The definition of a "foot" or "pound" or "gallon" is directly tied to a metric measurement.

Ok. The 3Bs are on the air now the old fashion way, with no network trickery. I am saddened by this development but there's not much else for it.

So, @chuck tell me about this shit you've been printing for your rack :)

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